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Bob Nimon


1971                             University of Texas                   Arlington, Texas

B.Sc. Mathematics


Professional experience

1996 - Present               Nimon Consulting, Inc.              Dallas, Texas

Vice President

§         Served as chief architect for a major inter-exchange carrier to manage the definition of architectural requirements for equipment in a new network.

§         Served as chief technology officer for a publicly held media compression and streaming  firm

§         Founded a firm that provides telecommunications software, hardware, and overall system design consulting services.

§         Served as VP of Engineering for a firm manufacturing an hardware/software solution for IP traffic QoS policy management.

§         Served in interim senior management positions for two startup companies producing wireless multimedia peripherals.

1981 - 1996                   DNA Enterprises, Inc.                 Dallas, Texas


§         Founded and managed DNA Enterprises, Inc. DNA grew to over 100 engineers providing services in software, hardware, signal processing and overall system design consultation. Sold the firm to a public company in 1996.

§         Supported architectural development for a switching and video conferencing product manufacturer.

§         Served as Vice President of Engineering for a special services switching system provider.

§         Designed a 64K switching system with unprecedented cost, call throughput, conferencing, and voice processing characteristics supporting a virtual service logic execution environment.

§         Designed a high capacity interprocessor communication subsystem supporting 1,000 processors with an aggregate throughput greater than 300,000 messages per second. Supported the development of a large Signal Transfer Point using the communication subsystem.

§         Designed a proprietary operating system communication and maintenance subsystem to support redundant fault-tolerant parallel processing systems.

§         Designed, and served as chief architect for, a large multi-rate cross-connect system that included SONET, DS3 and DS1 services. Responsible for introducing object-oriented analysis and design techniques as well as Smalltalk and C++ into the client's development program.

§         Patented an SS7 call control arbitration scheme.

§         Design and developed a 32K redundant matrix subsystem capable of 1,000 matrix transactions per second.

§         Led integration test activities for several projects including a large Class 4 tandem and a Class 5 central office.

§         Designed a test software development environment to allow hardware engineers to develop diagnostics without the aid of programmers.

§         Designed a system software automatic regression tool suite.

§         Designed a Call Platform prototype and associated development environment to support a programmable switch. Demonstrated the capability of developing a new call feature in less than one day. The system supported features such as automatic call delivery and automatic call back.

1974 - 1981                   Action/Honeywell                         Dallas, Texas

Director of Software Engineering

§         Designed various subsystems in a store and forward data communication switch.

§         Responsible for design and project management of a 4K tandem switch used as a distributed corporate network communication facility.

§         Designed proprietary network communication and management scheme similar to SS7.

1972-1974                 Industrial Nucleonics                 Columbus, Ohio

Member of Technical Staff

§         Designed embedded process control systems

§         Designed an object methodology for control algorithms

Patents and publications


§         U.S. Patent No. 5,414,754 “System for providing proactive call services utilizing remote monitors”

§         U.S. Patent No. 5,291,489; 5,218,602; 4,885,739 "Interprocessor Switching Network"

§         U.S. Patent No. 5,134,647 “Automatic voice/data messaging enhancements”

§         U.S. Patent No. 5,131,024 “Method and apparatus for providing proactive call services following call completion”

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