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Kim Nimon


1980                     University of Arkansas        Fayetteville, Arkansas

B.Sc. Computer Science


Professional experience

1996 - Present               Nimon Consulting, Inc.            Dallas, Texas


     Served as President for a private start-up software technology company specializing in human capital development.

     Served as Vice President of Operations for a public start-up communications company, whose product portfolio included DLCs, LAN/WAN interconnection devices, and multi-media communication products.

     Served as member of an interim engineering management team and was responsible for the creation of a new satellite development group for a telecommunications vendor.

     Served as interim project manager for a major telecommunications vendor to develop a project plan for a large architectural enhancement to a Signal Transfer Point.

     Served as project director for a major inter-exchange carrier to manage the definition of architectural requirements for equipment in a new network.

     Founded a firm that provides telecommunications software, hardware, and overall system design consulting services.

1987 - 1996                   DNA Enterprises, Inc.                Dallas, Texas

Executive Vice President

         Managed the analysis and design of hardware, software, and DSP for a new generation 16K circuit switch.

         Managed the analysis, design, code, and integration test of a fabric subsystem for a 96K cross connect system for a major telecommunications vendor.

         Served as Director of software development for a special services switching system provider.

         Created and managed a DSP technology group, which provided off-the-shelf solutions for common DSP telecommunication problems as well as custom development.

         Designed and managed the development of a maintenance subsystem for a redundant fault-tolerant Service Control Point that utilized equipment from a major telecommunications vendor and a major data processing vendor.

         Developed architecture for a high-speed packet switch used for inter-processor communications within a large telephone switch. Designed the high-speed packet transfer protocol and related firmware.

         Managed the development of a high capacity inter-processor communication subsystem development project.  Provided design leadership for maintenance, operating system, and firmware subsystems.

         Managed the design and planning effort for a private virtual central office.

1984 - 1987       DSC Communications Corporation   Plano, Texas

Software Engineering Manager

         Responsible for architecture, key design elements, staff and resource plan for DSC's Message Transport Network subsystem used on most of their products.

         Managed the development, test, and integration of the maintenance subsystem for a Class 5 central office.

1984 - 1981                   Texas Instruments                     Dallas, Texas

Member of Technical Staff

Patents and publications

         U.S. Patent No. 5,432,781 "Synchronous Node Controllers for Switching Network" July 11, 1995

         U.S. Patent No. 5,291,480 "Synchronous Node Controllers for Switching Network" March 1, 1994

         U.S. Patent No. 5,218,602 "Interprocessor Switching Network" June 8, 1993

  Copyright 2002 Nimon Consulting, Inc.